Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

Are you:-

  • having difficulties with sex and/or your relationship?
  • constantly arguing with or feeling emotionally distant from your partner?

Has your sex life deteriorated or are you feeling dissatisfied with your sex life?

Talking therapy

Talking about and exploring your sexual and/or relationship difficulties with me, can help you understand yourself more fully and increase your awareness of what may be contributing to the difficulties. I may give you some practical exercises to do at home, which can also improve communication, intimacy and sexual functioning, leading to a more fulfilling sex life and/or relationship.

Some of the psychosexual difficulties I work with include:-

  • no, low or high desire (including desire discrepancy in couples)
  • orgasm difficulties (including inability to orgasm)
  • erection difficulties (getting or maintaining)
  • ejaculation difficulties (rapid or delayed)
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • difficulties with penetration
  • ​sexual abuse

Sexual behaviours you consider to be out of control:-

  • compulsive masturbation (self-stimulation)
  • ​compulsive sex (sex addiction)
  • multiple affairs (extra-marital/relationship affairs)
  • multiple or anonymous sexual partners
  • compulsive use of pornography
  • unsafe sex
  • phone or computer sex (cybersex)
  • sex work or use of sex workers
  • compulsive use of dating/sex apps
  • partners of people with out of control sexual behaviours

Session frequency and timing

I offer weekly psychosexual and/or relationship therapy to individuals or couples (couples therapy), either short term (12 sessions) or long term (open ended).

​Sessions last for 50 minutes and are weekly.

Model of therapy

I use an Integrative model i.e. incorporating different ways of working, for people experiencing ​sexual and/or relationship difficulties. Some of the models of therapy I use include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt, Imago and Psychodynamic. I tailor the therapy for each individual or couple.

Fees and payment

​​Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy ranges between:-
£60 – £90 per session for individuals
£75 – £105 per session for couples
(depending on your income).

Initial sessions

The first one or two sessions, are to see if we can work together and whether the therapy I offer is right for you.

Initial sessions are payable at the end of the session either by payment link, BACS transfer or debit/credit card (if in-person).

Working agreement

If the therapy is right for you and we decide to continue working together, at the next session, we will negotiate a working agreement. After agreeing this, I will email you a signed copy for you to sign and email me, keeping a copy for yourself.


I am a Registered Member of COSRT (College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists) and abide by the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice.